Fallin’ Again – Virginia Gavazzi

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A bus ride feels like floating on air when you’re high. The change from red to green says you have to go like when you stand up and look at me scared to let me go and all the people I meet that I think “How did I live without you for 20 years?” I don’t know, I forget how I did.

A rain-check caused more unbearable pains than goodbyes. The rain falls back to the earth and hits the road like when I think I’m the leaves on the trees and you’re the street and even though I’ve got reasons to flee I never do and wait for all of your seasons to leave so I can fall for you again.

A war’s going on, my heart and my soul against all the reasons my brain’s looking for.
It’s the kind of love you fall into and then keep falling and falling again.

My heart is beating soaked on the floor in its blood. When I keep reading the letters that you wrote like when you wait for the thunder to clap after a lightning strike cause all of the signals you sent were sent right back but out of all of the people I’ve met no one’s as wonderful as you.

(Pre chorus+chorus)
And I know it won’t last but for now my friend I keep fallin and fallin again. Again. Again.

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